At Zona Indoor we have sales on sports items online in January. In these sales in sports stores, we will have discounts of 20% on all our products. Take advantage of the Zona Indoor sales and enjoy these exclusive promotions.

When are the sales on sports products?

The dates of the sales in the sports store begin on January 6 and will last until mid-February. Be careful, sizes are sold out! These are the perfect dates to buy products in our sports store, as there will be no better discounts all year round.

Our Sports Store on sale

Below, we leave you a selection of sports products discounted by our January Sales. Find what you're looking for!

Handball sales 

The best sales on handball shoes, as well as other handball items. All with 20%!

Futsal sales 

Selection of the best items with discounts on futsal shoes, clothing and balls to practice this sport:

Running Sale 

Sale on running shoes and running clothing. Take advantage of these 20% discounts

Basketball sales 

Get your basketball gear with a great Sale

What Products Are Selling Off Sporting Goods?

Sports Brands  on Sale

At Zona Indoor we work with different brands of sports products, with the best products to get the best prices. The featured brands in our sale sports store that we offer are:

Sales of Sporting Goods

If you want to buy gifts during the Sports Store Sale, it is logical to ask yourself about delivery times, as you want your order to arrive as soon as possible. For this reason, you can see the delivery time on each product sheet. Products with stock can be shipped the same day as the order, so your delivery will be fast. In any case, you can contact us through our WhatsApp and ask us all your questions about the products, their availability and delivery time. This way, you can make sure when you'll receive your sports products on sale.